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Arcade Entertainment

Full arcade with everything on free play, no tokens, tickets or lineups all for your unlimited use and entertainment


Relax and enjoy with your guests, luxurious leather furniture, large scale sound systems, karaoke capped off with a grand piano. 


Old School with a modern twist - if you like pinball you'll enjoy our games, all on free play, challenge your guests. 

Vr Room 1

Private VR room for you and your guest.  Enjoy a relaxing meditation experience, with fireplace, premium leather furniture.  Peace and harmony is yours to achieve.

VR Room 2

Totally private VR mediation room for you and your guest, featuring heat / massage leather recliner, relaxing aromatherapy waterfall with soft mood enhanced lighting.

VR Room 3

Experience 4th dimensional interactive motion VR with this proprietary seating system, only available here for you and your guest.  Massive interactive sound system enhances your experiential sensibilities. 

Multi Player VR Room


Experience Virtual Live racing tracks in real-time with  fully-rendered virtual environments, all of which delivers the ultimate player experience. Users can join their friends online to watch live events from; the VIP room, the driver's seat, the stands, or even in the pit lane! 

Big comfortableLeather Chairs

VR Arcade & Lounge in Toronto

Events, Meditation, Relaxation, Arcade, Virtual Reality, Birthday, Corporate, Individual and Large Events

100's of Premium Games

Always the newest and greatest gaming experience - you choose what you like, how long you want to play and game away!


Now you can shoot. Goal! Take penalties and free kicks with your feet on Virtual Reality. This game

VR Soccer, shoot and score. Goal! Take penalties and free kicks with your feet in  Virtual Reality. Experience impressive, full-body simulation,

Tennis & Racket Sports

Play on a real tennis courts and face professional tennis opponents.  

Enhanced play featuring all of your best  technical and tactical skills like, 

Topspin, Backspin, Lob, and volley. 

Specialty Games

Experience fully immersive social worlds, where players create real avatars for surreal adventures with their friends, feel as if you're really there. You’ll meet new friends, talk, interact, and go on adventures together.

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