Corporate VR Events & Experiences

Book Your Event Today! offers a variety of ways to make virtual reality a social experience. We provide games centered around teamwork or tournament play for you to enjoy with your coworkers, team, or group. 

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VR-Toronto promotes and nurtures synergy through engaging teamwork activities. VR-Toronto is committed to the development and growth of each team member through many fun and challenging games. 

Take Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Our safe and welcoming environment maintains the highest level of the Virtual Reality experience. You can choose from a wide variety of VR experiences offered for each skill set making ensuring your team member truly experience synergy not offered by other media or entertainment. 

We Specialize in Meeting Your Objectives

VR-Toronto hopes to contribute to the development and personal growth of each team member offered within a totally private, semi-private or larger teamwork environment.

We Help Build Strong Teams

We provide your team with many games, experiences and applications which encourage and boost communication, motivation and creativity - from shooting zombies to facing your fear of heights.  

A Totally Unique Experience

We will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your VR event experience  meets your aims and objectives, along the way we will provide lots of ideas to make your VR event truly unique.