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  • Birthday Parties, Kids Birthday Parties, Teens Birthday or Group Gaming VR Events, have yourself the Ultimate Virtual Reality Party at
  • Make the impossible possible with virtual reality!  Completely immersive, imaginary, interactive, thrilling, breathtaking and realistic new experience with help of this new and cool technology you can go on a thrilling roller coasters rides, swim with sharks, face a life size dinosaur, stand on top of the skyscraper, or go into space without leaving the arcade.  
  • Make virtual reality come alive and be part of your next event or birthday party at VR-Toronto and let all your guests enjoy the newest form of entertainment.  VR-Toronto is such a realm-bending technology not offered by other conventional forms of entertainment.   
  • Book your next event at and make sure all your guests are able to appreciate  true Virtual Reality without cumbersome space requirements or the prohibitive costs of personal ownership! 

Just the Facts

  • Question 1—Can I bring my own food and / or drinks? Answer—No, we can provide light snacks and beverages on request however,  there is a charge for this. 
  • Question 2—Am I sharing this facility?  Are there other parties going on while I’m there? Answer—No, VR Toronto hosts only one party at a time.    You never share this space.  With hosting only one event at a time, you are sure to have the best experience possible and the undivided attention of all of are staff members.
  • Question 3—Is your facility clean? Answer—Yes, absolutely. We take pride in ownership.   Every nick and cranny is meticulously cleaned and cared for.   We hope that you find our facility managed and taken care of just way you would look after your own home.  We care about the building, the assets, and most of all our Clients.
  • Question 4—How large a party can you accommodate? Answer— up to 40 people. 
  • Question 5—Can I smoke in the building? Answer—No.
  • Question 6— What is your parking like? Answer— We have parking in both the front and side of the building.  Best of all—it is totally FREE.